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GeneeVision Slate
New Product - No Image
PrimaryICT No: PR2774 Manufacturer Code: GMBP
Stock: Product Discontinued
Sorry, currently unavailable
Sorry, this item has now been discontinued
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Product Information

The Genee Slate is a graphic tablet which is used to communicate with an Interactive Whiteboard or computer through a wireless RF interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer.

It allows you to navigate your way through files lesson plans and content while moving around the classroom. It has all the functions of a full sized interactive whiteboard.

As it is wireless, it can be passed around the classroom for the students to navigate to their work, add notes or annotate over resources. Teachers no longer need to stay rooted to one place - behind a lectern or in front of the class. Genee Slate breaks the chains with innovative RF technology.

Unique Soft keys, located across the top of the tablet, allow instant access to various captivating Presentation Tools, such as Annotation Pens, Spotlight and Reveal.

The software also includes a library of clip art with over 2000 images! Teachers can now enjoy a higher level of interaction with their class while delivering more captivating lessons.

Genee Slate- a great facilitator to any lesson or presentation!

What is a Genee Slate?

Genee Slate (also known as graphic pad, drawing tablet or digitizing tablet) is an input device through which a person can draw images and graphics on a flat surface in a similar way he can draw on a paper. But unlike paper, whatever a user draws on a graphic tablet doesn’t appear on its surface. Instead the image appears on the attached computer screen.

Just like a pencil is used to draw graphics on a paper, a special pen known as ‘stylus’ is used to draw images on the graphic tablet. The accessories which are commonly used with graphic tablets are: puck, stylus, stylus eraser, tablet mouse, art pen and air brush. The puck is a hand held device which is used to point to an exact location in order to capture its coordinate. Through stylus eraser one can select a layer of an image, erase a layer or use it as a brush.