TTS Metallic Mini Recordable MicrophonesSet of 5
PrimaryICT No: PR7992
Manufacturer Code: EY07203
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

A sparkling set of five easy to use, rechargeable microphones with voice recorder and changer.

Featuring a 40 second record and playback function plus a fun voice changer. The three button design makes this ICT resource simple for children to explore and discover by themselves. Rechargeable.

A four hour charge gives up to 160 playbacks.

Project Ideas

  • These Microphones are specially designed to enable younger children to be able to safely use them. They can also be used by a variety of ages and you could use them in a variety of scenarios.
  • Try using the microphones in an open-ended way. The children can choose how they use them. They may choose to sing, use different voices or just to hear their voices played back.
  • The children may choose to use them as part of their performance. They may pretend to be an interviewer, singers, news reporters etc.
  • Try using the microphones in circle time. You could place the microphones around and record rhyming words e.g., bat, hat, mat etc, and then press play to hear the rhyming pattern.
  • Use the microphones to record wishes, greetings etc.
  • Record one of the children’s voices and play it back to the group. Can they work out who is speaking?