TTS Sensory Wooden and Metallic Sorting Bowl
PrimaryICT No: PR7924
Manufacturer Code: EY06690
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

Beautifully, tactile tray with 10 golden indents that encourage children to examine and sort objects carefully.

Use with a variety of resources such as buttons, counters, shells etc. Made from solid pine wood.

Please note: Accessories not included.

  • Diameter: 32 cm


This tray is useful for directed and non-directed tasks. It can be used for sorting and classifying objects.

Try using various buttons and asking the children to really look closely and sort them into the ten places. The children could group them according to size, colour, shape, the amount of holes the buttons have for threading, etc. Try having buttons that are all one colour and then classifying them by shade.

There are lots of small things that could be sorted into the trays. Try to find things that appeal to the child, eg. dinosaurs, jewels, etc. You could provide spoons, scoops or tweezers to encourage fine motor skills as they place the items into the spaces.

Place the mixed up objects in the centre and then sort them. Use natural and manmade materials.

Make collections, eg. beads, stars, leaves, counters, miniature items, etc. and then ask the children to sort them. Remember to discuss how and what choices they have made. (They may have chosen to sort them in a different way to what you expect).

The tray can also be helpful in counting out amounts. Try placing numbers in the ‘dishes’ and then matching the corresponding amount. Use for subtraction and division activities.

Place a small character in each section and then play one-to-one correspondence activities, eg. giving each person a ‘cake’.

Use as a ‘collection tray’. The children can choose various materials and place them on the tray. It could be natural materials for small world activities, collage materials etc. It is important that the children make their own selections, rather than being given prescribed materials.