TTS Wooden Discovery Boxeswith Lids for Toddlers
PrimaryICT No: PR7923
Manufacturer Code: EY06792
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

A beautiful set of wooden pots with different types of lid, fitted into a wooden base.

Four pots with different lids to explore. Children will love removing the lids, putting them back on again and slotting the pots back into the base.

One lid has a screw top, one slides, one lifts via a cut out piece and one lifts with a pincer grip. A developmentally appropriate resource that is aligned to children’s schematic behaviours. Made from basswood.

  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 43 cm
  • Depth: 15 cm


These boxes have a variety of openings. Children are often eager to explore and see if they can find a way into things. As well as fostering a sense of curiosity these boxes also help to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. There are different actions needed eg. twist, turn, lift etc. Each box has its own space and for some young children they may enjoy positioning them.

  • The practitioner may choose to put age appropriate, safe items in the boxes for the children to discover. There can be things of immediate interest to the child or discussion starters. You could try putting matching pairs and asking the child to find the corresponding items.
  • For many children they will be exhibiting specific schematic behaviours and these boxes may support this. Placing things inside the boxes, transporting, enclosure etc. You may wish to place different colours and textures inside the pots so that the child can experience multi-sensory materials. You could even leave things that make a noise.
  • Try leaving sound buttons where you can leave a message or a recorded greeting.

These boxes really are open-ended and designed to encourage a sense of exploration and discovery