TTS Wooden Stacking Pastel PebblesSet of 18
PrimaryICT No: PR7921
Manufacturer Code: EY06720
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

Smooth, domed shapes to stack, balance, roll and explore.

Develop fine motor skills with this engaging open-ended resource. Subtle pastel colours lend themselves to sorting as well as small world activities.

Children will love exploring the smooth texture of these pebbles. They could be used in construction, as part of a small world lunar landscape and so much more.


  • Let the children explore the pebbles independently.
  • Use as a construction resource, see if use can stack, balance roll etc. This is really good for hand-eye co-ordination skills.
  • Use with other natural materials e.g. pebbles, bark and leaves for a small world scenario.
  • Use as part of a treasure collection. It could be objects made of wood, circular objects, things that roll etc.
  • Use in language activities. Describe the pebbles. Are they smooth, rounded, wooden natural etc.?
  • Make a collection of various pebbles. Some could be smooth, shiny, small and large. Compare them.
  • Young children whose schematic interests/behaviours are aligned to things that twist, roll or turn may really enjoy playing with the pebbles.
  • The pebbles are a good way of introducing mathematical vocabulary. Can you find me the largest, smallest etc. How tall can you make the tower? How many pebbles did you count? Can you make a pattern?

The children will have their own great ideas. Ensure they can work on different surfaces and incorporate different resources into their play.