TTS Wooden Stacking PebblesSet of 20
PrimaryICT No: PR7920
Manufacturer Code: EY05062
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

Beautifully crafted wooden pebbles that can be stacked, rolled and sorted.

This open-ended resource will spark imagination and provide lots of possibilities for play.

  • 20 pebbles (5 x 4.5cm, 5 x 6cm 5 x 8cm 5 x 15cm).
  • Ages 10 mth+


  • Let the children explore the pebbles independently.
  • Use as a construction resource, see if use can stack, balance roll etc. This is really good for hand-eye co-ordination skills.
  • Use with other natural materials e.g. pebbles, bark and leaves for a small world scenario.
  • Use as part of a treasure collection. It could be objects made of wood, circular objects, things that roll etc.
  • Use in language activities. Describe the pebbles. Are they smooth, rounded, wooden natural etc.?
  • Make a collection of various pebbles. Some could be smooth, shiny, small and large. Compare them.
  • Young children whose schematic interests/behaviours are aligned to things that twist, roll or turn may really enjoy playing with the pebbles.
  • The pebbles are a good way of introducing mathematical vocabulary. Can you find me the largest, smallest etc. How tall can you make the tower? How many pebbles did you count? Can you make a pattern?

The children will have their own great ideas. Ensure they can work on different surfaces and incorporate different resources into their play