TTS Marvellous Metallics Coloured PebblesSet of 10
PrimaryICT No: PR7898
Manufacturer Code: EY04676
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

A beautiful treasure collection of different sized colour pebbles to delight and engage.

An open-ended resource that can be used in a variety of contexts e.g. mathematical, sensory, construction, small world etc. Wipe clean.


The set includes a variety of different coloured pebbles.

Let the children explore the pebbles independently.

They may choose to sort, roll, stack or transport the pebble into a spaces. Some children may be exhibiting varying schematic behaviours and the pebbles may enhance their play. Some may choose to line the pebbles, transport them, envelop etc.

The pebbles make interesting contents for treasure basket.

Incorporate the pebbles with different resources, e.g.

  • Lightboxes
  • Metal bowls, Wooden bowls
  • Jewels (3yrs+)
  • Real Pebbles (3yrs+)
  • Natural materials

Play matching the shapes/sizes. Try it with the pebbles in the set, then with other circles. Promote using the correct terms for size e.g. large, medium.

Play hiding games with the pebbles, leading a treasure trail of clues.The pebbles are useful for sorting and sequencing into patterns.

Use for repositioning activities e.g. next to, on, under etc