TTS LCD Microscope Camera with Built-In LCD ScreenPack of 5
PrimaryICT No: PR7333
Manufacturer Code: SC00818-5
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Product Information

With a built-in LCD screen, this all-in-one microscope and camera, is both handheld and portable, ensuring your magnified images can be seen on the go, whether in the classroom or out in the school gardens. Simply focus on the object you wish to magnify and it can be clearly seen through the screen. The microscope has up to 15x optical zoom and up to 8x digital zoom.

In addition to its magnification capabilities, the microscope also has a 3MP sensor and a micro SD card included, meaning that by the simple slide of a switch, it also becomes a camera and a video camera. This enables children to share their images with the rest of the class, as well as making it an ideal tool for assessment.

Made from a durable ABS plastic, the microscope is rechargeable via the USB and has up to 3 hours continuous battery life.


  • Microscope and Camera all-in-one
  • Built-in LCD Screen
  • 3MP Sensor
  • Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Up to 3 hours continuous battery life
  • 15 x magnification
  • up to 8 x digital zoom