TTS Auto Focus Microscopewith Bug Cam
PrimaryICT No: PR5505
Manufacturer Code: SC00820
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

A fantastic resource for younger children or for those who want to magnify objects instantly without having to use a focus dial to get the sharpest image!

The Auto-Focus microscope is a simple plug and play device powered by USB (no batteries required). Simply place the object you wish to magnify under the microscope, press the auto focus button and watch as the microscope zooms into action.

With a 15x magnification optical zoom and a 10x magnification digital zoom, the microscope can also record sound with a 3.5mm microphone jack, which enables children to verbally record their observations - ideal for assessment purposes.

With a 3MP sensor, you can also use the in-built camera to take still images of the magnified objects.

The microscope has a focus range of approx. 15mm (minimum) and 25mm (maximum). Made from a durable ABS plastic, we have also included a detachable bug viewer, which makes observing minibeasts easy. Simply attach the viewer and you can observe insects whilst keeping them safe and secure.

Key Features

  • Simple plug and play device
  • Auto focus functionality ensures even the youngest of children can use
  • Up to 15x optical zoom
  • Up to 10x digital zoom
  • Detachable bug viewer