Coomber 45773 Portable Public Address Amplifier
PrimaryICT No: PR5136
Manufacturer Code: 45773
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

Punchy and powerful, portable and practical - perfect for Schools!

The new rugged PA range from Coomber is great for filling a hall or playground with sound that will get you heard. It will play music or audio from many sources.

  • Very impressive volume and clarity for its size. It really packs a punch.
  • Connect and amplify your iPod or any other MP3 player.
  • Wireless and wired microphone options for PA, assemblies, fetes, etc.
  • Variable Speed CD, USB and SD Card to speed up and slow down playback.
  • Integral trolley makes getting around effortless.
  • Wall mounted, speaker stand mounted or just use on the floor.
  • Stereo Amplifier to give stereo sound through an extension loudspeaker.
  • Connect microphones to amplify your voice.
  • Internal Rechargeable batteries, charges whenever it's plugged in.
  • Made in Worcester, UK.

All this comes with a free iPod lead, battery charger/power supply, remote control for the CD/USB/SD

Coomber products are built in the UK for the highest quality and reliability.