TTS Complete Hover Ring Set
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Product Information

Introducing the amazing Hover Ring!

Bringing target games into the 21st century the Hover Ring will appeal to all, including those with special needs, who currently play Boccia and New Age Kurling, Boules or are new to competitive target games. The Hover Ring, which has been specially adapted to be played in institutions such as schools, is a mini hovercraft, moving on a cushion of air produced by an electronic motor, powered by rechargeable batteries.

It has three different settings to accommodate all types of wooden, concrete or carpeted gym floors allowing the distance travelled to be moderated as necessary. Once switched on, the power will operate for 20 seconds allowing plenty of time to aim and send the Hover Ring; should the time run out, then a simple tap will restart the motor. They can be launched by hand, using the pushers provided in the pack or even with your feet as you would when passing a football with the inside of your foot.

Flashing, multi coloured LED lights are built in to provide even more interest and fun.

Each Hover Ring has a dense foam skirt which protects and allows the craft to bounce off other Hover Rings, off walls, benches etc. allowing a new aspect and a multitude of new games involving rebounds, angles and other dimensions.

There's lots of physics and maths in there too as children will enjoy experimenting with forces required to move certain distances, rebound and return angles and coefficients of friction to name a few! Manufactured from tough ABS plastic they are designed to stand up to continual institutional use.

Each Hover Ring will last for 1 hour continuous use on the top speed (much longer actual playing time as the rings switch off automatically after 20 seconds) and can be recharged using the unit supplied. Each Hover Ring measures 175mm in diameter. The Hover Rings can even be used in a primary science lesson to demonstrate a frictionless object. Change the settings to show how moment will be affected when friction is increased and decreased.

16 activities to try using the Hover Ring...

  • Nearest the bull - target game
  • Number grid game
  • Skittles 'knock 'em down'
  • Goalball variation
  • Croquet
  • Bullseye by rebounding off a wall
  • Passing with feet
  • Snooker Game - Use benches as cushions
  • Bounce off a bench/or wall tageting a line
  • Number the Hover Rings - can add some complexity
  • Use with throw down spots as targets
  • Dribble with feet around cones
  • Dribble with a hockey stick through cones
  • Billiards game
  • Relay races
  • Kurling Games