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Coomber 3321 Listening Centre in Bluewith CD & 3.5mm Audio Input
PrimaryICT No: PR5063
Manufacturer Code: 3321
Stock: Product Discontinued
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Product Information

3321 CD listening station with connection for media players.

With built in stereo loudspeakers and six headphone sockets it can double as both a classroom playback machine and a discreet listening centre for small groups.

The large buttons are clearly labelled for use by children of all ages.

There is a simple menu offering bass, middle and treble tone adjustment along with balance and repeat track and disc features. Also in the menu is the Cue & Review feature that allows you to scroll backward and forward to any point and repeat sections of recorded material over and over.

Wherever you need to have clear amplification of your CD for music or speech this unit gives you simple control reliably every time you need to depend on it.

The line input will amplify any external audio device with a suitable output such as iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops and smartphones.

The 3320 Series is a very simple to use CD player that can be used for many applications.

  • In early years small groups can listen to story books through up to six headphones or the whole class can listen through the built in loudspeakers
  • Learning languages can be enhanced with the ability to repeat phrases or words with the Cue & Review feature
  • Learning music can be helped with the ability to repeat phrases over and over
  • Use the class facing stereo speakers to amplify playback of the CD
  • Connect up to 6 Headphones and it will help you prevent ambient noise distractions.
  • Simple to use provides excellent results everytime.
  • Cue & Review helps locate and repeat sections of recordings easily.
  • Versatile tool that amplifies with clarity and controlled power.
  • Connect and amplify your iPod or any Media, MP3 player or Laptop.
  • Compact, strong, safe, easy to transport, easy to set up and use by anyone, anywhere.

Coomber products are built in the UK for the highest quality and reliability.